ANR project: Cold atoms, photons, and quantum correlations (QuaCor)

Cold atoms coupled to photons are a promising platform for quantum information, computation and communication. In this project, the goal is to focus on two specific tools: sources of correlated photons and memories, exploiting collective, multimode quantum states of atomic ensembles. The main scientific objectives are:
  • Explore a new kind of correlated photon source based on a multi-atom ensemble: Our goal is to explore a new kind of source of photons, based on the correlations inside the Mollow triplet, and using a many-atom system such as a cold atomic cloud.
  • Long-lived quantum memories with atomic ensembles: Our goal is to exploit collective subradiant states of atomic ensembles as novel memories.
This collaborative project gathers physicists, experimentalists and theoreticians, from France and Brazil. In 2019, we obtained an international research grant from the French national research agency (ANR) to support our effort (282 k€ for 4 years: 2020-2023).

News & events

Oct. 2021: The QuaCor webpage is back!

After several months of interruption and the complete loss of data (due to the fire of the data center), the QuaCor webpage is finally back. But this is still a work in progress...

Sept. 2021: CoScaLi workshop at Porquerolles

Mathilde, Robin, and Romain have organized the 2021 workshop on Collective Scattering of Light (CoScaLi) on the beautiful island of Porquerolles. This hybrid event (both on-line and in-person) has been a success!


Institut de Physique de Nice, team "cold atoms" (UCA, CNRS)
  • Mathilde Hugbart (PI of the ANR project)
  • William Guerin
  • Robin Kaiser
  • Hodei Eneriz (Post-doc)
  • Pierre Lassègues (PhD student)
  • Martial Morisse (PhD student)
  • Stephan Asselie (PhD student)
Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar), São Carlos (Brazil)
  • Romain Bachelard (co-PI of the ANR project)
  • Raul Celistrino Teixeira
  • Andre Cidrim (Post-doc)
  • Mateus Biscassi (PhD student)
  • Pablo Gabriel Santos Dias (PhD student)
  • Pedro Henrique Nantes Magnani (PhD student)
        Alumni : Elnaz Darcheshdar
Instituto de Física de São Carlos (IFSC), Universidade de São Paulo (USP), São Calos (Brazil)
  • Philippe Courteille
  • Marcia Frometa Fernandez (PhD student)