Center for micro- and nanorheometry


The Center for Micro- and Nanorheometry is one of the technology platforms of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. It is available to Institute members and, as part of contracts or consulting services, to external companies and institutions.
The Center manages equipment for measuring forces (AFM, nanoindenter) and couples (rotational rheometers) at micrometer and nanometer scales as well as for the characterization of nanoparticles (size, charge, etc.)
Located at INPHYNI, the Center has access to equipment there as well as apparatus at member laboratories with similar conditions of use.
The Center’s three, main activities consist of:

  • Organizing the use of existing equipment and acquiring new devices deemed necessary to further its expertise.
  • Offering both public and private partner laboratories and companies expert consulting and services.
  • Providing training in its specialized techniques to both university and continuing education students.

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Complex fluids and materials


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