Nominations to the Institut Universitaire de France

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Published on June 12, 2023 Updated on June 12, 2023


Campus Valrose, Campus Ecovalley

Claire Michel and Matthias Albert were appointed "junior members" of the Institut Universitaire de France in May 2023, as part of the Fundamental Chair.

Claire Michel's (Waves in Complex Systems team) main research activities include fluids of light in propagating geometries, wave turbulence, optical condensation and thermalisation, in homogeneous, ordered and disordered environments. She is involved either in experimental and numerical studies, with a strong collaboration with theoreticians.

Mathias Albert (Theoretical physics team) studies the properties of complex quantum systems such as disordered superfluids, quantum traffic jams in mesoscopic conductors and strongly correlated gases of ultra-cold atoms. His contributions are in general motivated by a balance between mathematical elegance, simple models and experimental results.

The IUF aims to promote the development of high-level research in universities and to strengthen interdisciplinarity by encouraging institutions and teacher-researchers to achieve excellence in research, with the positive consequences this can have on teaching, the training of young researchers and, more generally, the dissemination of knowledge. It also contributes to the feminization of the research sector and to a balanced distribution of university research in France, notably by promoting a policy of scientific networking throughout the country.

Lecturers appointed to the Institut Universitaire de France are placed in a delegated position. They continue to work in their home institution, and are relieved of two-thirds of their teaching duties.